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AkuSen (HELP!)

I was like, "how hard can it be to find some Akutsu x Sengoku stuff?"
Well, from I found 7 fics with those characters. Now I've been searching through lj but really, how am supposed to find any? It's just by luck (and I'm not as lucky as Sengoku *sigh*)... I'm surprised, there's no community for that pairing! At least I couldn't find it. On the other hand, I just found the Silver Pair community so I am kinda blind or something... I'd make a AkuSen community right now, but A) I couldn't do anything since I can't draw and I'm really bad at writing fanfiction and B) there has to be a community for them. Ah, I hope that there would be any chances for people actually reading this journal... then maybe someone reading this entry could help me.
So... contact me about anything AkuSen. Okay? Thanks.
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